Emily LaDouceur,
Berea, Ky’s “Unapologetically Progressive” City Councilwoman

This episode is feminist af. Dive into how to deal with workplace sexism, become an elected official as a woman, fight for religious freedom (and the freedom to have none), the origins of racism and misogyny, and just wtf patriarchy has to do with basically every issue facing the modern World.

Berea, Kentucky City Councilwoman Emily LaDouceur is a force to be reckoned with. ย Her resume is impressive to say the least, containing such feats as becoming Executive Editor at “The Good Men Project,” doing market research foir health organizations, organizing city-wide cleanups, teaching yoga, self-esteem-building and meditation to youth, organizing projects to bring food, clothing and school supplies to students in need, and raising her mixed-race sons in the era of Black Lives Matter. ย 

She graduated from Berea College in 2004 with a degree in Art and went on to obtain a masters degree from Eastern Kentucky University in Student Personnel in Higher Education.  Emily worked in higher education for over a decade before leaving the field to pursue work that aligned with her passion for community development and justice. 

You don’t want to miss this episode!


*Connect with the multi-talented, brilliant, badass Berea, Kentucky City Councilwoman interviewed on this episode at EmilyLaDouceur.com

*New Leaders Council Kentucky: The program that helped train LaDouceur for her campaign and position on city council

*The Good Men Project: A website that examines what it means to be a good man in today’s society. LaDouceur was Executive Editor for some time.

*”Leggingsgate” Scandal: Article on the viral sensation surrounding sexist online critique of LaDouceur

Contact Emily LaDouceur at emilyforberea@gmail.com

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