Feminist folk punk songstress RAINBOW STAR weaves powerful, healing Appalachian melodies more raw than anything you’ve ever heard. RAINBOW makes no-holds-barred avant-garde acoustic sounds from her tiny house & homestead, known as ‘The Rainbow Sparkle Palace.’ Her melodies flow right from her muses, through her body, heart & smartphone, and straight to you.

“My daddy named little Pine Valley Driveā€¦”
So begins the song ‘Berea,’ and the story of RAINBOW’s hippie heart. Ever searching to return home, she set up camp in 2014 in the Kentucky hills that raised her.

RAINBOW has been performing since she could walk, and spends her evenings in the hills at her tiny house, swinging in the hammock and writing songs alongside her three cats, fireflies, and whippoorwills.

Volume 2 of ‘Music From The Rainbow Sparkle Palace’ is slated to release this summer.

RAINBOW is currently available for live musical performances throughout Appalachia.