Personal Trainer, Anna Leigh Homa, of Berea Fitness, in Berea, Ky
R & Anna Leigh after a boxing session- naturally spent imagining the bag was the face of the patriarchy… specifically, likely Facebook, this day, as they banned tf out of R’s feminist content in 2019
R during a training session w. Anna Leigh…

Anna Leigh behind the camera as R. deadlifts 45 lbs

Join RAINBOW and Personal Trainer Anna Leigh Homa as they empower one another to create gender equality, in the gym & beyond.
Hear RAINBOW’s big ol’ rant on police brutality, racism, and misogyny (some kind of 3-legged stool/tool of the patriarchy). Dive into (more) ways that (paid) men in authority are passing the buck to unpaid mothers who’ve lost their children to drunk driving.
In this episode, you’ll be reminded of how strong you are, and learn how to never take “No” for an answer again.
This episode is jam-packed with feminism, and we can’t wait for you to soak it up.


Anna Leigh’s granddad was a coal miner, injured when her mom was young, which lead to her mother becoming independent from an early age. Anna Leigh’s own fierce confidence and independence was born from this fateful event. Born in Germany (her father was in the Air Force) Anna’s family moved to Berea in October of ’79, and never left.
Anna Leigh is a Jill-of-all trades; she’s worked in fast food, pizza delivery, gas stations, factories, as an office administrator, in taxes, payroll and bookkeeping, as a wedding photographer, newspaper reporter/photographer, and for nearly eight years has been a group fitness instructor and personal trainer.
In 2007 she received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism from Eastern Kentucky University, and in 2019, returned to earn a Bachelor’s of Science in Health and Exercise Science.
Her hobbies include punching things for fun (boxing), picking up heavy things just to put them back down again (heavy lifting), CrossFit, reading (Game of Thrones, Book 3 and The Walking Dead currently), music (metal warms her cold heart 😂), movies, and video games.
Anna Leigh really tries to live her life the best I can. She loves her son to the moon and back, and everything she does, she does for him.
Anna Leigh’s motto is:

“I am me, unapologetically.“

John Oliver episode mentioned in this podcast, on police brutality coverups
Anna introduced R. to Lizzo and they totes got teary together over this uber fempowering song…
Click above to hear Anna Leigh’s playlist now

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