Joana Amorim, farmer, artist, builder, & community organizer
with the Permaculture Action Network

Joana Amorim is a multi-generational farmer, building a new earth, dreaming in foreign tongues, emerging from her forest speaking the language of plant medicine, and offering the fruits of her labor as garden-grown fuel for her community. Born and raised in Portugal, Joana learned quickly in film school as an animator, that she needs freedom in order to let divine inspiration flow through her. Her American partner fell in love with Appalachia while searching for a place to call their own. Joana joined him from Portugal, not knowing quite what to expect in the first wooded land she’d ever encountered, but fully intent on making a sustainable home here as a back-to-lander.

Joana, her husband Michael Beck, & their friend Loren Heacock built this majestic cabin from trees they felled on their land near Berea, Kentucky
Sylvatica Forest Farm is Joana’s homegrown garden products business.
Follow on Insta: @sylvatica_forestfarm
Design: Joana Amorim
Joana & edible ‘Chicken of the Woods’ mushroom, in her forest
Joana is an avid flow arts master! Small but strong af

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