RAINBOW and Mumu, 1/3 of the Palace kitties
R. gettin’ glamour shots for the music video for “Patriarchy Song”
Photo: Ariana Jordan Photography

Berea, Kentucky- based RAINBOW STAR, your hostess for all of MFTRSP time, spells her name in all caps, because women are to be both seen AND heard. As a feminist folk punk musician & solopreneur, she had to do something fast when Facebook started doxxing the absolute hell out of her feminist content and ads. Dismayed that the platform she’d spent years learning to utilize to launch her creative business was silencing her, she turned to podcasting, where no one could tell her what to (not) say.
RAINBOW has a degree in darkroom photography (minor in abstract painting) from the University of Kentucky. She has a bad habit of community organizing, from trying to start Time Banks (where time is currency), to Free Markets (a yard sale where everything is free), to developing an organization (Kentucky Earthship Group) hellbent on creating an off-grid community of sustainable homes fit for the apocalypse, to guerilla art projects like seedbombing, street art, flash raves, and more.
R lives in a 96 sq. ft. tiny house called “The Rainbow Sparkle Palace,” in the Appalachian foothills, where she produced her latest album, Music From The Rainbow Sparkle Palace: Vol. 2, recorded entirely on her iPhone.



*Music From The Rainbow Sparkle Palace: Vol. 2. Album recorded on iPhone, RAINBOW’s 2019 release: Music From The Rainbow Sparkle Palace: Volume II. Request behind-the-scenes access & free downloads HERE 

*Earthships.org – Sustainable homes made from recycled materials 

*Kiran Gandhi: ALSO MADAME GANDHI AND THE DRUMMER FOR M.I.A. – Why did I not know this? It was not mentioned in this Article on the carefree free-bleeding marathon runner, quoted in the podcast

*Book, “Good and Mad,” by Rebecca Traister, about the power of women’s rage historically to change law for the betterment of all

*Audiobook Apps where free books can be accessed via your local library: Hoopla (wide selection, sad monthly limit of 3) and Overdrive (lower selection, more tedious to use, but no limit. I use both.)

*SARK: Author of the whimsical, fun & deep af self-help journal that helped birth the beginnings of self love for me: “Succulent Wild Woman”
Side note: While taking her online courses (search “Succulent Wild World on Facebook) this and last year, I spoke face to face with SARK a few times via Skype. We are kindred namesakes (her full name is Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy!), and if ya tell her you know RAINBOW, the musician in Kentucky with the cats and the tiny house, she will know who ya mean. She lives in San Francisco in a magical cottage with her love, and looks almost identical to my sunshiney mother. ✨🌟✨

*”Artist’s Way,” Julia Cameron’s powerful workbook for blocked artists 

The Rainbow Sparkle Palace
View out the Palace door (there’s only one)
TK, the eldest Palace kitty, in RAINBOW’s Appalachian mountain dulcimer case

*Feminist Pro Tip of The (Week)

True story

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